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Savory Sauces

Everybody knows that the South is known for finger lickin' BBQ. Some like it straight off the pit dry and others like it sloppy wet with sauce. Well with Creole Flame BBQ Sauce you'll never eat another piece of dry meat again. You might just pour the sauce in the bowl and eat it without the meat, its just THAT good.

Sweet Heats

The earliest hot sauce dates back to the late 1800's and is still selling off the shelves today. With Creole Flame we aim to please the people the same way and well into the 3000's. Having a special blend of peppers, garlic, fresh fruit, vinegar and salt we couldn't help but be nicknamed "THE KING OF HEAT".

Flavorful Spice Blends

Anybody that knows anything about spices, knows that it is the root of any dish. With Creole Flame special blend of spices it will have your palate dancing all over the world. From the Congo in Africa, with the paprika and garlic. Then making a pit stop to the islands of the Caribbean and the sweetness of allspice and heat of the scotch bonnet peppers. To doing the salsa in the heart of Mexico with a hint of chili powder and last but not least making a final voyage to the great state of Louisiana where everything comes together.

About Us

Creole Flame started out as a challenge almost three years ago in our kitchen. My wife is an unbelievable cook but one day she was completely off her game. After complaining about the dish not having enough seasoning, she told me, "If you think you can do better get in here and do it yourself", and I did just that. And now this family owned and operated company has evolved into an online pit stop for your taste buds. Combining both our families rich Louisiana history and culture along with our upbringing in Texas we have created tantalizing additives for all your dishes. It will have you asking yourself, where has this been all my life? We welcome and thank you for stopping by and filling up your cart.                                                                                           The Creole Flame Family                                                                                 



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